Prym mending needle

I’m fairly new to the overlocker scene so I’m still learning the best ways to do things. One of those things is dealing with tails of overlocker threads at the start and end of a line of sewing.

I tried using a bodkin to weave them back in but really, who can be bothered? I tried doing that thing where you turn your piece over and sew but cut chunks out of my garment! At the moment I use fray-check to glue the loose threads together before I trim them and cross my fingers and hope for the best. I thought I had seen a gadget for this very purpose a while ago but couldn’t for the life of me remember its name. Not surprisingly, a Google search for “overlocker thread tail tucker inner” yields few results. Maybe I imagined it….

Then today, browsing at John Lewis I found this: 20160210_163815

The Prym mending needle! Reddit design award winner 2010 apparently. It’s like a cross between a loop turner and a seam ripper. The handle at the end comes off and turns into a lid. Magic.

But does it work? Surprisingly, yes. The neck is flat so it’s easy to squeeze up a line of stitches and the loopy bit isn’t as fiddly as I was expecting.

This handy little gadget can be bought here for £4.65

What sewing gadgets do you find indispensable?

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Prym mending needle

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