Simple Beaded Neckalace

Yesterday, I went out for dinner to celebrate a friends birthday. I was wearing a new purple dress so I didn’t have any matching jewellery so I decided to make a quick necklace just out of stuff I had on hand.

I used 

  • Square crystal beads
  • pearl beads (similar size)
  • crimp beads 2mm
  • lobster claw clasp
  • 2 jump rings
  • All the usual tools20160410_155239

First I cut a piece of tiger tail about twice as long as I wanted my necklace to be, plus a few cm to be safe. That was approx 1m. I threaded on a jump ring and folded the tiger tail so the ring was hanging in the middle. I put a crimp beadover the two tiger tail ends and squashed it shut.20160410_155808 Then i threaded one of each bead onto each tail then slid a crimp bead over both tails, then squashed the crimp bead.

I continued adding beads and crimps this way until my necklace wass slightly shorten than I wanted. After I added the last pair of beads I added 2 crimp beads.20160410_170054 I threaded the lobster claw clasp through both tiger tail ends. I then threaded the tiger tail back through the 2 crimp beads and gave them a good hard squish. 20160410_170235I cut of the excess a close to the crimp as possible. It would have been a bit quicker and easier if I had some crimp covers knocking about but this was meant to be stash busting!

This was a super quick make, it was wrapped up in 10 minutes before going out. There’s no fiddly or difficult techniques and barely any measuring. You can eyeball everything!

Cost: the square beads were £2.50 for a 19cm strand from I used about a third of the strand. Everything else was from my stash

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Simple Beaded Neckalace

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