Spring is Springing!

This year because of the crappy weather and my prodigious ability to procrastinate, I was a bit late getting started with the garden. But lucky for me a few good sunny days has meant the plants in the greenhouse (read conservatory ) have caught up and are actually thriving! So I’ll show you a little of what’s going on.


Last year we had a massive glut of Tom.  Anyone who visited wondered around eating them like they were at the PYO farm and if we went visiting we would take a few boxes full. So this year I’m scaling it right back to tried and tested varieties. First is Sungold, a cordon variety with 13g fruits and plenty of them. They are a lovely orange colour and perfect for snacking on. The next variety, the tomatoberry were all the rage a few years back but I grew them for the first time last year. Another cordon cherry tomato these are named because they look like strawberries. The last variety I’ve planted was a last minute addition so they’ve got some serous catching uo to do! You’ll see them in the other pictures.


The biggest plants here are the Duchy Sweet peppers that I got on sale last year. I’ve never tried them so I’m not sure what to expect. The smaller ones are Padron peppers. I’m rather excited about these, I really hope they work out. A few years ago I ate them in a Tapas bar in Madrid and they were delicious! In the corner there you can see the third variety of tomato, the appropriately named 100s and 1000s. This is a high yielding plant!


Thsee are a variety called Black Beauty, I. Grew them last year too. They were tasty and high yielding,  I got at least 8 courgettes from each plant.

Sunflowers 20160426_174648

It’s just not summer without sunflowers, is it? I’m growing the usual tall ones and a shorter, bushier variety. When the plants die I harvest the seeds to use to feed the birdies over winter….they go mad for them!

Herbs and others 20160426_174857

In three middle you can see a couple of different varieties of basil and a sweet pepper plant at the top left. The two pots at the bottom right are Physalis  (aka syphilis in my house but also cape gooseberries or inca berries).Last year I grew then in the conservatory and they went crazy! They are as easy to grow as tomatoes and if you keep them toasty and warm you’ll get a good amount of fruit….and considering the price of the berries in the shops…! There’s also some winter thyme and oregano in there


At the end of last summer I bought a kiwi vine. I put it in a sheltered spot protected from frost over winter but by the start of April it looked like it was done for. But all of a sudden it’s sprung back to life!



re I’m growing some methi, a typical Indian green leafy veg, next to it is the garlic that hid in the bed all winter!



My early peas have settled into their raised bed nicely, I just have to scare away the birds, cats and slugs.  The other picture is the comfrey that has also spung back to life. I use it as a compost accelerator and fertiliser


But there’s still plenty left to do!


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Spring is Springing!

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