Mystery Plants

Sounds mysterious,  doesn’t it? That’s because it! These are two plants I’ve grown quite possibly from kitchen scraps 2-3 years ago. The reason I’m posting them here is that I’m hoping a reader or friend/relative of may be able to identify them for me…..I’ve got till the end of Summer then they’re headed for the compost bin 😦 For z little scale both plants are in 5″ish pots

plant 1


This short, stocky fella has a label that says apricot. In spent a summer in the greenhouse and hated it which makes me think it’s not an apricot at all. It seems to be some sort of evergreen with its lovely shiny leaves. He’s a shorty-pants, only maybe 5-6″ tall.

plant 2

For a long time this just looked like a stick in a pot of mud. It grows quite quickly, even outdoors. It drops its leaves early in the year but grows them back earlier too. This plant is a lot taller, over a foot, I’d say.

I am desperate to save them from compost bin misery. I will be extremely grateful to anyone who can identify one or both. There might even be a prize in it for you !20160504_192129

Please, PLEASE leave a comment if you have any idea!

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Mystery Plants

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