Cheat’s Mars Bar Ice Cream

Mars ice cream bars are delicious…except that fatty, cheap tasting chocolate coating. O, and the ice cream:caramel ratio is all wrong. So after the success of my Cheat’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream I thought I’d have a go at recreating the flavours of a Mars bar.

This is what I did….

Ice cream Ingredients 

  • 500ml tub of ready made custard. I used Waitrose’s essential one because it isn’t too sweet.
  • 40g Horlicks. Or ovaltine or other malted milk powder.
  • 10-30ml boiling water from the kettle.

I mixed the Horlicks with enough hot water to make a paste with no lumps.20160616_190823 I added in a little custard, stirred it about and added it back into the custard to ensure it spread through properly. At this point it tastes quite sweet but don’t worry, the freezing takes the edge off the sweetness. I put the custard mix into the ice cream machine and let it do its thing. If you don’t have a machine you can use a shallow plastic tub with a lid and whisk it up every hour till it’s set.

Meanwhile, make ganache 

  • 40g chocolate
  • 40ml double cream

I really don’t like big chunks of chocolate in ice cream so I decided to make a ganache instead. I used 60% dark chocolate but use what you fancy. Chop it up small and place on a bowl. Warm the cream in the microwave for 15 sec or so. Pour onto the chocolate and stir till smooth.

Ganache….consider making extra to eat with a spoon while you wait…or put on a sneaky bit of toast

Let it cool a bit. If you want choccy chunks use slightly less cream and pour thd warm ganache onto a piece of silicone or greaseproof paper. Roll it up into a tube and pop it into the fridge until the ice cream is done.


20160616_194601When the ice cream machine is done, layer up the ice cream and ganache in a freezer proof tub until they are all used up. Cover thd surface with greaseproof paper.

When it’s time to serve let the ice cream ripen for 20 mins in the fridge so it scoops easily. Top with caramel sauce or dulce de leche.


If you wanted to make this as a fancy pudding, you could use silicone moulds to set the ice cream in and use the ganache and caramel as drizzles.

Cheat’s Mars Bar Ice Cream

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