Sew-jo, Sew-go, Sew-no! Pattydoo Susie Pouch

I was reading this blog post about when your sewing get-up-and-go gets up and goes.

Recently, I’ve been working on a pair of jeans but my ever changing waistline is making it a long, drawn out process and the very sight of them throws me in a panic.

Usually, when I find the sew-jo flagging I attempt to revive it by trying a simple make using these rules:

  1. No shopping for fabric or notions, stash busting only.
  2. Use a pattern I’ve tried before so there are no nasty surprises.
  3. It should be completed in an hour-ish, not including tea breaks.
  4. It should be pretty and/or useful.
  5. The finished item should be given to a non-sewing (and preferably non-creative) friend who will be so impressed and astounded by my sewing prowess that my sew-jo instantly returns! Luckily I have 2 such friends with birthdays now.

So the only rule I majorly broke was number 2. I couldn’t find an appropriate pattern and my imagination has joined my sew-jo on holiday (or wherever they are hiding together) so I used Pattydoo’s Susie Pouch pattern. This is a lovely, straightforward and free pattern for a zippered pouch, lined, with box pleats on the front. I made the size from the pattern (the small one) then made a larger one to use as wrapping paper for a book I’m giving one of the birthday girls.

This pattern was super simple and if you hate printing off reams of paper this is the pattern for you. I printed one piece. There were no written instructions, only a short video, about 20 mins long, in German but subtitled in English, showing Pattydoo sewing it up in real time.

It really is very easy, you sew strips of fabric together 20160715_162823then fold the box pleats and tack to secure. Sew on the top strip hhthen attach the lining and zip the usual way.20160716_191850 The bottom corners are sewn and snipped to make the bag stand up. The pattern suggests some fleece to give the bag body but I used some firm interfacing I had and that worked fine!20160718_090833

Full disclosure : I love the website! There are loads of very reasonably priced patterns ( €3 or €4) but all pdfs. Most patterns have a tutorial video too. There is an English part and a German part of the website, although they are working on translating more patterns and videos into English, it’s easy enough to get round the German site if you still remember some from school or read Burda magazine a lot.

I can see a lot more of these bags in my future…..

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EDIT:  So the bags were delivered to their respective recipients. The smaller one went to Mimmy,  my best friend since we were very little, little kiddies. My original plan was to fill it with jewellery and/or other pretty things but I didn’t get round to that so she got an empty bag. The larger bag was wrapping paper (wrapping fabric?) for a book I thought my good friend Mez would enjoy. As it’s big enough to accommodate a reasonably large paperback, it should be the perfect size for make up, brushes etc.

Both Mimmy and Mez seemed happy with thir gifts so the whole exercise worked as planned….slowly but surely the sew-jo is returning!

Sew-jo, Sew-go, Sew-no! Pattydoo Susie Pouch

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