Organising Your Feet

The Works always seem to have lovely wooden boxes in stock. I got this one there but could not for the life of me find a link to it.

In my excitement I put the masking tape on before taking a picture of the box naked

Anyway, I thought it would be the perfect size and shape to keep the most commonly used feet handy and close to the sewing machine. At the moment, all my feet are kept in a biscuit tin in a wardrobe all the way across the room. If I want to change feet I have to….dun dun duuuun…GET UP! O the horror!

So I got out my tin of trusty black board paint and got busy painting the lid (inside and out) and the tops of the inside dividers.

I give it two layers of paint and let it dry completely before priming the surface with some plain white chalk. I labelled the sections using normal chalk but I’m pretty sure I have a chalk pencil somewhere round here which would look a lot neater but this will do for now.

*sigh* no more getting up for feet!

The best bit? It’s just the right size to slide under the extension table…..aah, simple things!

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Organising Your Feet

3 thoughts on “Organising Your Feet

  1. Oh now that’s so dinky! I’ll have to get my mum to hunt one down, she’s in the Works a couple of times a week…
    I keep all my bits and bobs in a variety of ‘too good to throw away’ boxes and containers. There are more Ferrero Richer tubs than anything else, how strange. Ahem. I also keep biscuit tins, jam jars, and show boxes. Now if I could only organise them logically, rather than my system of ‘stuff I need every five minutes’ in a ferrero tub by my side, ‘things I need fairly often like hand sewing stuff’ on a wooden tray behind the machine, ‘threads and bobbins I’ve selected for current projects’ in a necklace box on the wooden tray’…etc etc.
    I’d love to have one of those very professional looking boards on the wall with a hook/pocket for every gizmo-luxury!


    1. I know! I get a real case of sewing room envy if I hang around on pinterest too much!

      But the Works is a great place for getting things on the cheap the tarting them up a bit. It makes me feel organised at least!

      It really is a mystery where all those Ferrero boxes come from….I think the Ambassador sneaks in and has parties while I’m away…well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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