James Bond Style Measuring

Since the demise of the Filofax, people tend not to carry rulers around with them anymore. Sad but true although even might think it odd if someone pulled a 30cm or even 15cm ruler out of their bag or pocket and got measuring in public.

But there has been many a time where I’ve been at the haberdashery  out and wished I had a little ruler with me. Well my friends, not anymore! I’ve found a ruler in disguise as a pencil, metric and imperial for all you stealth measuring needs. And it’s a full 15cm long…unsharpened! It would take a centimetre to get there.

Here you can see the imperial side too.
If it had a bottle opener it would be perfect

It can’t get any better…except it can! In spite of the cheapo looking box this would make a great gift for the James Bond wannabe (or baddie) in your life. It’s also perfect for “I got you a pressie, mum…o, you don’t like it…? That’s ok.”

According to the website it is

  • Stylish metal-cased multi-tool
  • Small and lightweight
  • Matt black finish
  • Flat-head and Philips head screwdrivers hidden in the end
  • Measure in either inches or cm
  • Black ball-point pen
  • Luminous green spirit level
  • Measures approx. 14cm x 1cm in diameter

It also has a touch screen stylus on the end and the pen ink is black not blue. It has a nice, comfortable weight in the hand when you write. My only concerns so far are:

  1. Can you get on an aeroplane with one without it being confiscated?
  2. I can’t tell if the rulers are etched or printed. Either way, how long would you be able to see the lines in an average handbag?
  3. It weighs 39g. For comparison the pencil is 8g, a frixion pen is 11g and a fancy rollerball is 28g.
  4. why is the spirit level so tiny!

But on the whole I love both these items….now I’m off to practice my stealth movesStudio_20160811_063212

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James Bond Style Measuring

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