My New Favourite Thing #9 Sew Crafty Dressmaking Journal

After writing this post, I decided to have a notebook moratorium. Then this popped through the letterbox. The new Sew Crafty Dressmaking journal! Their general makers journal was so popular that they added two more to their collection; this dressmakers journal and a knitting and crochet journal.

It’s about A5 size so it fits in your bag and it’s spiral bound so it lies flat when you open it and if you stick swatches in it still closes. There’s space for over 20 projects in there. Each project has a planning section and review section.

Sew Crafty Dressmaking Journal

Each project takes up two double pages (a total of 4 A5 sides):

  1. Page 1 is titled Notes and is a page of lined paper.
  2. Page 2 has two mannequin outlines, presumably one for the front, one for the back. The beauty of the mannequin outlines is that they don’t have boobs drawn in so you could use them any way you want. I almost prefer these to the usual croquis style outline, those are usually way too thin and are an strange contorted positions.

    Pages 1 & 2
  3. Page 3 has a half page section for swatches. The other half of the page is for listing fabric and notion sources.

    Plenty of space for swatches and such
  4. Page 4 is for general information and review. There’s a space for a photo and pattern number. There are question sections (what went right/wrong, what would I do differently?)

    Evaluation time…’s like being at school again!

The only things I would change would to have page or project numbers and have an index. If you had multiple books on the go it may be difficult to find the project you’re looking for…. although it would be easy enough to do that yourself and have the index on the front page or inside cover.

I can see myself getting plenty of use from this and at £12.50 it’s very reasonably priced.


disclaimer:  the good folk at Sew Crafty provided the journal for review,  all opinions and crappy photography however are mine.

My New Favourite Thing #9 Sew Crafty Dressmaking Journal