My New Favourite Thing #8 Mini Croquis Books

I have a confession: I am a note book junkie. Wherever I go I have at least one notebook in my bag. My preferred size is between A5 and A6 and quadrille style paper although quadrille can be tricky to find over here so blank or lined will do. I hoard them much like I hoard fabric. Some are deemed too pretty to use and others I can’t bring myself to sully with ink or such. So I’m on a constant search; fabric and notebooks…don’t even get me started on pens!

I use these books for all the usual stuff, I don’t have a smartphone so my notebooks act as a retro smartphone. I also use them for inspiration; if I see an interesting outfit or detail I’d like to recreate, I rush to draw it out. The problem is that my drawing skills are rivalled only by a 4 year old who’s just learnt to hold a pencil correctly. By the time I come to review my “drawings” the original inspiration is long forgotten and bears little if any resemblence to my picture. đŸ˜„

Until now….browsing in Waterstones I found these tucked away behind the A4 and A5 spiral bound books. The answer to my problem!

These mini fashion sketchpads come in a packet of 3 mini notebooks.

As far as I can tell so far, each notebook has 4 different ridiculous poses, ridiculous in the way only croquis can be (who stands like that!?). Here’s a selection of the poses for your entertainment 20160803_14252620160803_142619And they are all front views. Each pad measures 9cm/3.5″ ×16.5cm/6.5″. Perfect handbag size. Like most template books, the printed lines disappear if copied or scanned so you can pretend you’re a top notch fashion illustrator alongside all your other skills and talents!

And best of all, people not thinking you’re some sort of pervert for surreptitiously attempting to photograph them. Everyone’s a winner!

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My New Favourite Thing #8 Mini Croquis Books